Conference theme

Emerging Paradigms in Service Research

In this edition of LTAS, we seek to explore emerging paradigms in service research. Considering the various sources of disruption the world is experiencing, we advocate that it is time to have a closer look at the current state of service research and reflect on how service scholars can be better prepared to address the changing nature of service.

Events such as the Covid-19 pandemic, climate change, the emergence of disruptive technologies (e.g., generative AI, machine learning, robotics, digital platforms), the growth of online marketplaces and subscription-based models, the changing nature of consumer preferences and expectations, the widespread inequalities, social fragmentation, and more require a new mindset to address and shape our new service reality in research and practice.

At this year’s LTAS edition, we seek to explore the significant disruptors, reflect on the most effective approaches to address them, and advocate for responsible and inclusive business and research practices. The event will feature renowned keynote speakers and a hands-on workshop designed explicitly for teamwork and application.